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If you to try container gardening

I made a discovery. You see, I love flowers and plants, but there is limited yard space where I live, so I thought that I would have to be content with admiring the lush gardens and greenery of others' gardens. Then I discovered the concept of container gardening.

Well, actually, the concept of container gardening has been there all along - I had just never really thought about it or considered that it could be the answer to my gardening woes. But, once I discovered it, I decided to give it a try, and I am quite pleased with the results.

If you to try container gardening and want your garden to be successful, you should choose good containers for your plants. But how do you know if the container you want to use is right for your plant?

First of all, use your imagination to choose containers for your garden. You can plant in old bathtubs, crocks, barrels, baskets, bowls, wooden boxes, and sacks - just about anything. I've even seen someone use an old commode - yuck! However, there are things to consider when you're trying to choose suitable containers for your plants.

You should avoid choosing containers for your plants that have narrow openings - your plant is already contained, it needs as much room as possible to grow and thrive. You plant does not have access to the soil and room to spread out as much as in a traditional garden, so that means custom tin pencil case that you should not hinder its growth and development any further if you can avoid it.

Thinking about cheaper plastic pots? Don't. These cheap plastic containers are more inclined to deteriorate in the sun. And if you're thinking about terracotta pots for your garden, remember that clay pots dry out in the sun. This means you'll have to be careful to water as often as necessary and make sure your plants are not getting overheated and drying out.

Glazed ceramic pots are an excellent choice, but often they do not have enough drainage holes in the bottom. So you'll most likely have to add a few. If this is a problem, you will want to, at the least, add a 1-2 inch layer of gravel at the bottom of the container before adding your soil.

A lot of people like to use wooden containers for their gardens because these containers can be built to specification, but wood can rot easily. So you will want to choose woods that are less susceptible to this problem.

Some types of wood to consider are redwood and cedar. Also, you should be sure that the wooden container you're using hasn't been stained or painted - these chemicals are harmful to plants. You should also avoid wood that has been treated with creosote, penta or other toxic compounds - these are also harmful to plants.

When choosing the containers for your garden, size is also something that needs to be considered. Small pots are restrictive to the root system and dry out very quickly. They should only be used with plants that are very small and have shallow root systems.

If you're growing more plants in your container, generally, you will need a larger, deeper container to compensate. And vegetables with deep roots will require deep pots.

Also, be sure to make sure your tallest plants are not to be more than twice the height of the container. And make note that the plant's fullness does not spread over the edge of the container more than half the width of the container.

And again, drainage is important. Your containers should have an adequate number of holes to allow for proper drainage. Remember, drainage is hindered when you place your containers on solid surfaces such as concrete floors or brick patios. You can alleviate this problem by elevating your potted plants one or two inches above the floor on blocks of wood or placing them on a plant dolly.

Where the weather is very hot (such as the desert), you should choose lighter colored containers to reflect the sun and to prevent your plants from absorbing too much heat and drying out. This also helps to discourage uneven root growth.

If you're using hanging baskets, line them with sphagnum moss to help retain some water. And keep these plants out of the hot, afternoon sun.

Well, that should get you started if you're thinking about starting a container garden. Remember, the most important thing is to have fun and enjoy the fruits of your labor.

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Types of unshielded twisted

Rapid development of Web applications increasing demand for bandwidth. Enacted this year, six types of wiring system, with 250MHz bandwidth to meet the most current business applications. However, as technology advances, 250MHz bandwidth is not sufficient to meet the needs of the people is only a matter of time.Therefore, the development of the next few years the trend started cabling system on the seven types of wiring and cables one is better discussion.Select cable type cable should be used to require the transmission capacity, bandwidth, price and other aspects taken into account.

Types of unshielded twisted pair cable, shielded twisted pair, fiber optic cable three categories.(1) unshielded twisted pair UTP, is currently the most widely used cabling system for less bandwidth at 250MHz, no special performance requirements of network applications, its overall performance advantage is a good, cheap, construction and maintenance more convenient .

Six types of wiring system has reached the limits Custom Tin Containers Manufacturers of performance unshielded twisted pair.(2) foil shielded twisted-pair FTP, bandwidth is large, strong anti-interference performance, with the characteristics of low smoke zero halogen. In contrast, shielded cable prices than non-shielded cable and installation costs are higher, cable bending performance little worse. Six lines and multi-screen system before using this form.(3) separate shielded twisted pair machining STP, each of the lines has a foil shield, four pairs of wire together, there is a common metal braid shield, which is the standard structure of seven types of lines. It is suitable for high-speed network applications, providing highly secure transmission, to support the future of new applications, helping to unify the application of current network routing platform to enable e-mail to multimedia video from a variety of information, all in the same set of high-speed system in the transmission.

Extra shielding makes seven types of lines have a larger diameter, these features require installation of routing and termination design space to be especially careful to leave a lot of space and larger bend radius, Corning has now 7 class in China, launched a cabling system.Back in 1997 wiring standardization bodies and manufacturers have been presented on seven types of copper cabling systems concept, which released in 1997, Corning has 600MHZ seven categories of cabling. It provides integrated attenuation at least 500MHz and 600MHz on the crosstalk ratio of the overall bandwidth requirements of its connector when all the lines in the 600MHz to provide at least 60dB on a comprehensive proximal string around. The super-five system only requires 100MHz to provide 43dB, six values in the 250MHz to 46dB.

Moreover, because of its excellent shielding design and high-bandwidth, a typical seven types of channels may even be able to provide information on line 862MHz bandwidth for transmission cable TV signal, in another line on the transfer analog audio signal, and then in the third , four-lane high-speed local area network on the transmission of information. This application can not imagine the current, but soon realized by the seven types of cabling systems, launched in the U.S. Corning has seven types of cabling systems leading to a 1200MHz bandwidth.Compared with the fiber optic LAN, seven types of system solution offers the hope of the performance and bandwidth, but the overall cost only a fraction of the fiber.

Some people may think that fiber-optic system can bring people enough bandwidth, and cable and wire prices close to the seven categories. However, considering the optical routers, optical switches and optical network adapter cost factor, the fiber will soon lose their price advantage.(4) single-mode fiber cable, especially for high-speed network transmission, and electromagnetic interference with innate immunity, reliability and support advantages of long-distance transmission, ideal future network transmission medium, its increasingly important. But the cable equipment, materials and termination costs are more expensive, the installation is relatively complicated, so it is generally suitable for long distance and large-capacity wiring.

Currently 62.5/125 m multimode fiber backbone cabling system has been in the mainstream media wiring in the horizontal system has become increasingly widespread, Corning has now launched a full set of optical fiber cabling system to the desktop, and 5 this year month launched 10G optical cabling system.The new version of the TIA/EIA-568-B.3 provides fiber optic, fiber optic patch cord to connect the hardware and mechanical properties and transmission performance. Compared with the 568-A, the most significant increase is approved 50/125 m multimode fiber, and in addition to SC connectors, also recognized a small component (SFF) fiber optic connector as the connector work area.Allows the use of SFF connector has brought many benefits to end users, such as, SC connector can not support a larger size device interface towards the direction of the development of high-density industrial trends, the adoption of SFF connectors can be very easily with the RJ-45 the same space, linking the two-core optical fiber. As the TIA on the recognition of SFF fiber optic connectors, fiber optic equipment manufacturers such as CISCO, 3Com, IBM and so has the design of these interfaces into their products.

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These are the two major hormones

These are the two major hormones that control energy metabolism in the human. They are much like yin and yang, hot and cold or happy and sad. In order to really enjoy the good days, we all have bad days. Extremes of either too hot or too cold and soon everyone complains about the weather. Too much yin or too much yang and according to traditional Chinese Medicine, you are sick. Too much insulin and you are sick, hypertension, overweight, cancer, heart disease and stroke. Too much glucagon and you are too thin, emaciated and weak.

As we have mentioned previously, when custom tin can man evolved there would be times of famine, between times of feast. The biochemistry of this evolution allowed man to survive the periods of famine by using insulin to "store" energy. Some typical "fuel" reserves in a 70 kilogram man:

Look at the chart and find the biggest number. The largest amount of available energy in an average 70 kilogram human is overwhelmingly stored in -fat. For the purpose of this discussion let's think of each of these numbers above as fuel tanks, for our energy needs. When we fill up our cars with gasoline (our old Mercedes B100 biodiesel) we have to have a fuel hose to get the fuel into our gas tank. In order to use that fuel in our gas tanks, we have to have a fuel line leading from the gas tank to the motor in our car.

Human biochemistry is composed of many different enzyme systems. One such enzyme is phosphofructokinase that catalyzes the reaction of fructose 6-phosphate to fructose 1,6-bisphosphate. As with any biochemical reaction that is dependant on an enzyme system, the more it is used, the more developed it becomes. If there is no need for an enzyme, then the levels in the body will be very low. If there is much demand for an enzyme, then the body will synthesize more of it to meet the demands.

Filling your tank with gas

The fuel line for the human body to fill its energy storage tanks, especially the largest energy storage tank fat, is insulin. Insulin is the hose that energy (gasoline, biodiesel) flows from the storage tank (breakdown products of your recently ingested meals) into your gas tank for future use. Without this fuel line insulin, you will eventually go into a coma (hyperosmolar) that if not treated, can result in less than optimal outcomes.

Using the gas in your tank

When we drive our cars, we use the energy stored in the fuel tanks. In order for us to use that fuel, it must get from the storage tank to the motor. In the human, that fuel line is glucagon. Remember, insulin stores energy, glucagon utilizes that stored energy. Just as insulin stimulates energy storage and the necessary enzyme systems, glucagon stimulates energy utilization and the necessary enzyme systems required to accomplish this.

Life in the Fed State

The problem today is that we have evolved from creatures that did not have consistent daily feedings to our "modern" fast food insanity and the notion that now we need three "square" meals a day plus snacks. What happens to our energy metabolism when we start out putting insulin stimulating foods in our stomach three times a day? When we eat, our biochemistry reacts by secreting insulin, so that we can store all this energy for future needs -most of it going into fat. Long before we have used any of this energy, we are having another meal -lunch. More gas in our tanks, -none used yet. Then comes dinner -more gas into our tank. Snacks -more gas in. We spend our whole day and most of the night in a "fed" or insulin state.

Huge fuel tanks full of fat -everywhere

Because we never allow our body's insulin level to drop enough so that the glucagon level will rise, we never get into a "glucagon" state. Our whole car is now filled mostly with gas. There is hardly any room for a driver in the front seat. Huge fuel tanks full of fat are everywhere we look. Your car is loaded with gas, but you can't drive around the block because you haven't developed the enzymes of energy utilization to establish a fuel line between all these gas tanks full of fat and our motor, which is now also encased in fat. While insulin is the fuel line to fill our energy stores, glucagon is the fuel line to use this stored energy. Without proper stimulation of the glucagon system, our tanks just keep filling up with fat. We never develop the necessary enzymes to use all this energy. You don't have to travel too far to see people totally encased in their stored energy.

Livin' la vida de glucagon

To break this cycle, we need to stop eating for at least a portion of the day, or at least every other day. I don't know how many of you have ever fasted for 24 hours or more, but the feeling is incredible. You get a lot more work done, you don't get lethargic after eating and you start to actually feel thin. I don't recommend fasting more than 24 hours and I am not actually recommending a 24 hour fast. What I am recommending is that during some portion of every day or at least every other day, you refrain from eating anything so that you can get into a glucagon state and begin to induce the necessary enzymes to use all the energy the human body can store.

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